Joyce Luka

Joyce LukaJoyce Luca has become proficient in stimulating student interest through her use of scientific inquiry-based instruction, especially with a population of typically low- motivated underachieving students.

Her 29 years of teaching experience include Kindergarten through middle school levels. She holds a BA degree and a Professional Diploma in Education. Ms. Luca’s teaching experiences include Grades K through 7 and elementary and middle school computers. She has also taught in the Gifted and Talented program and managed a science club for Grades 2 through 5.

She coauthored a presentation at the 2008 National Science Teachers Association’s National Conference on Science Education held in Boston, MA in 2008.

Ms. Luca received a Lucy Enos Scholarship Award in Space Science in 2005 from the Space Foundation, Colorado Springs, Colorado and a Tom Adams Award -Good Ideas Grant in 2013 from the Public Schools Hawaii Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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