Anne McKnight

Anne McKnightAnne McKnight has 28 years of classroom teaching experience. She uses a challenging curriculum based on students engaging in scientific practices focusing on real world issues directly relevant to their lives. McKnight leverages a local university partnership for subjects, supplies, and background information that her secondary students will use in their investigations.

McKnight holds a BA degree in Chinese and an MAT degree in Communication. Her teaching experience includes Grade 6 science, art, drama, and Title I reading; Grade 7 science, mathematics, social studies, and Title I reading; and Grade 8 science, social studies, Title I reading, and drama. She has also taught freshman English Composition at the university level and English Language Learners (ELL) at the Grades K through 6 and university levels.

Ms. Mcknight presented a paper at the National Science Teachers Association’s National Conference on Science Education in Boston, MA in 2008.

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